Computer Idiocy

CONUNDRUM: went to check my site the day before yesterday, after an ftp update. When I looked at my site it was presenting an error message – “You have not paid your bill” type of thing, pointing to a company called, who would appear to be a hosting company. I don’t host with them, and all my nominet and hosting charges are paid up.
I freak out – after all this is my livelihood. A call to L to load my page, and a call to my host reveals that they see my site OK, it appears to be just from my own PC. I try P’s PC – same, with the erroneous page. Mystery deepens. I send an eMail to Streamline, they tell me this is an issue with NTL (my access provider) – I call NTL Tech dept., they say that they know nothing and it’s not them.
I freak out – have I got some malware, virus, spyware b*ll*cks whatever in spite of virus checks and firewalls? I back everything up, reformat my PC. Reformat my router. Get back on line, same issue is there…
I have since deleted everything from my webspace and re-FTP’d a clean file set, doesn’t work. It still appears that the world at large can see me. I hope so, otherwise I’m bust before long.
Two days of this crap, and I’m getting crotchety and no nearer a solution. And I haven’t even told you about Junior School yet… ‘Elp!


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