Skule | Brighton

The juniors: going well for Pip so far, she’s happy – but – lots of parents not very happy with the strictness of the new teach. Evidently she has been “complained about” in the past – rudeness to children, rudeness to parents, short temper, no feedback, etc etc etc. Some of the presents parents have already suffered from “being told off”, and are very unhappy. Well, I suppose as long as Pip’s happy, I am too. She seems to be coping with the work relatively well, though says she’s tired, poor lamb.

Weekend last our house was choc-a-bloc with visitors from Chelmsford. We entertained as best we could, with L taking ’em to the beach on Saturday while I worked, then a “shopping excursion” based around their young daughter finding, to quote FZ, “a pair of jeans to fit her butt”. We had an enjoyable time but rushed past shops. I think they enjoyed it, cosmo Brighton on a sunny day is a lovely place, even though the bus in did smell of sick. We had a lovely lunch – we tried to eat in Waikikamoocow, but it had been taken over (we ate in its replacement, the name of which escapes me) – I do hope the original MooCow in the North Laines is still going, as I was fond of that place – it was the first restaurant I took Pip to as a baby!


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