Creative Buzzery! Skinbat Scramble

I’m painting again! I’m getting nowhere at the moment, but I’m painting again.

All friends, contacts, relatives seem positive, in bud, happy, renewed – post-holiday, pre-winter hatch-battening it may be, but it’s nice to fly in the face of media doom’n’gloom = “there WILL be a recesssion” = “there WILL be another terrorist strike” = “you WILL have a mean-spirited English little life“. Media Tossers! What, me worry?

My current reading list: Mr. Dickens‘ “Sketches by Boz” – Angela Carter, “Fireworks” the last Carter I have to read, it’s all very pretentious, but quite glorious feminism, as usual – “All Quiet On The Home Front” – an oral history of Life in Britain during the First World War (fascinating) – Michael Chabon, “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay“, beautiful, moving and rivetting.

Last night I saw “Sin City” – I know I’m the last one on the block to see it, and I know I’m out of step with popular opinion, but what a stinker! How can Rodriguez take such a glorious set of ideas and ciphers and opportunities and make such a flat hash of it. Everything seemed dulled by the comic-book technique – the violence, the sexiness, the scenery, the costumes – nothing was effective. Pooh! (L had seen it at the cinema, and said it worked slightly better on the big screen). I want my time back, as John Humphrys said on BBC2’s “Art School” last week. T’was required viewing chez Cook, if only for the glimpses of the divine Ms. Winkelman.

The final instalment of the Skinbat Scramble CD re-issues is out! It’s a double CD, and it’s a corker! Mark (and Fabian) have woven together what I assume to be the last presentable remnants of Skinbat music with my spoken-word interludes and instrumentals along with various taped soundscapes in a really effective way. The music mostly stands, the spoken word is given some gravitas by the collage technique, the soundscapes sound lush and lovely. There is more information on the Skinbat re-issues here – they are all for sale now! He’s starting on re-mastering The Longtails tapes next, omfg!


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