There’s a very slight hinted possibility I will be making a stage appearance (oh whoopee), talking over the top of some improvised music, due to a celebration concert being held for an old school friend who is marrying soon. My piece would, I guess, need to be apposite to the recent re-issues, and also to be modern. It was my “optimism” and t’was cancelled for my cowardice
This was it, so far…

As the worst of the smoke cleared, I felt confident to lift my head above the parapet for the first time in years.
Skate scales fell from my eyes – I finally saw clearly and felt ten times more able than hitherto : I was unbound, unwired.
My hair had greyed, meantime; meantime the tedious, endless mentions of recording tape felt as redundant as ranks of assembly-line workers in the wake of Reagan’s demented T-Virus transatlantic bride.
As I look around the blasted, deserted landscape into which I emerge, I realise that the obsessive graphing, cataloguing, dissecting and Rotcodding of the past has finally freed me – I am now free to Broad Map again.
These Pantiles, that Castle, that Art College, that London, those Bands, those Books, those Movies.
I bit back my stomach contents and howl…
We are the children of Max Ernst and Walt Disney; we are the parents of future call-centre operatives.
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 – I was off! I’d had enough! Ladies and gentemen…

[you can guess the rest]

I’ve got a ‘flu-type thing, and can’t stop sweating and hence bathing. It’s tedious.


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