Seeing Ms. Goldfrapp with a Cough

Monday evening to see Goldfrapp at the Dome – in spite of my raging feverish cough. The sheer magnificence of the show held back any major health issues, and the fact that we were seated at the front of the balcony with a SUPERB view, and I was able to judiciously sip overpriced water through the show enabled me to feel vaguely human and very happy. The band were super, with costumes (glam), showgirls (sexy), lighting (eye-frizzling) and wonderful clear (and loud where we were sitting*) sound. A great show, really showbiz and with very great music. It was like a much better looking Gary Glitter with modern technology and a beautiful voice.

Tuesday, I suffered for it – the sub-bass must have somhow wedged the snot and phlegm upwards into my mushy brain cavity, and I spent the day with a legendary migraine. Men don’t get migraine. Do they? Oh well, it hurt.

A bit better today!

*yes, I am an old codger


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