Inspection! Cold! Training!

I am on tenterhooks today, as the “annual inspection” by the association is scheduled for this afternoon. They check paperwork, insurance documents, etc. etc. as well as all equipment, of course. I’ve got no worries, but being inspected makes yer nervous.

My cough has resolved itself into an ongoing low-grade cold, with extensive bouts of sneezing and (still) coughing, usually just when I want to sleep. Miserable.

Finished Michael Chabon’s “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” which was beautiful and, well, amazing; according to the acknowledgements, some aspects of the “newtown” suburb featured in the book were based on Levittown, my cousin’s hometown in Pennsylvania – I can see her house was just like the character Sam Clay’s. Chabon relocated the town to long island, but retained the 60-miles from Manhattan distance. edit Actually I was wrong – Levitt actually made another Levittown, on Long Island – I assumed (knowing the story of the Penn. version) that this was the only one!

Good training at the weekend, which generated some money for the coffers. Or coughers.


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