Shopping | Tiredness | Ouch!

Little shopping trip into town yesterday to get an anniversary present for lovely. A short tour of Brighton’s shoe shops ensued, finally culminating in the purchase of a fine pair of boots. So there – a small luncheon was consumed (with a truly great coffee) in the little Italian place I can’t remember the name of, then we bussed back home for a quiet evening in, watched Spider Man, it was quite good – I do like Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.

I am still so absolutely bone-tired, though the dreaded lurgey has left me. It was good practice for the bird ‘flu.

This morning, I was reversing the car skilfully out of the drive, with both windows open, leaning out of the driver’s window to see behind – when suddenly! Ouch! L pushed the button to close the window, trapping my upper lip, nose and head in the closing glass. How we laughed!


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