Gym Work Worry | Anniversary | League

Going back to the gym after a bit of a lay-off for illness – it’s a great way to prove that you’re a great weak sack of monkey sp*nk. In common with almost all acquaintances both close and far, this season has dragged along with it a great big barrel’o’self-doubt – for me, it’s wrapped up with the quietness of my job – no ‘phone calls in three days, folks! – for others I guess it’s seasonal, BUT it seems to me that it’s bootstrap-pulling-up time. We are the strong people – look around at the “others” out there – we ROCK ! compared to them. Yay!

Yesterday was our 20th Wedding Anniversary* – fair enough, we’re a pair of old fools, but we look half the age of most of our contemporaries – loop this back into we ROCK! above, and crossfeed it into POSITIVE THINKING! We had a nice meal out (with Pipsqueak) and then some hifalutin’ Champagne (which was gifted us by some of L’s clients). Am I alone in finding Champagne a let-down?

Also a slight let-down was “The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse“, which was a great conceit (and an excellent addition to the Author caught up in their own creation strain of art) – but it didn’t convince. The conceit was that the TV characters were being “killed off/forgotten” but guess what – there wasn’t enough of the TV characters – NO POPS (!)f’rinstance. Still, it entertained, and the “King’s Evil” section was nice.

*Is 20 years too long? No way! My wife is hot!


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