Nanny McPhee | Half-Term

Took Pip and one of her little mates to see “Nanny McPhee” on Monday – it was very magnificent, with great acting and design – and no pandering to Americanism or catchphrasery (although “Knickers Machorsefanny” is pretty close) – the full cinema house of mixed-bag half-term kids was quiet from start to finish. The melancholy/romantic subplot worked well thanks to smart acting by Colin Firth and an enchanting turn by Kelly Macdonald. Celia Imrie was great as a wierd ch*vtastic edwardian golddigger. Emma Thompson’s Nanny was understated and measured, and as the film progresses she sheds the loony makeup and ends up as her gorgeous self. Super! Oh, and it somehow magically sidestepped comparison with Poppins – do they come from the same place? Best family film I’ve seen since the Peter Pan adaptation.

Half-term progresses with family visits and childcare – it’s fun! We’re aiming for the Corpse Bride* on Hallowe’en.

Birds Without Wings” – a superb book, and it clarifies a lot about the positioning of troops / immediate geographic history of the Gallipoli campaign from history’s famous First World War.

*aka Tim Burton redeems himself enough that we have to go and pay to see his next film, thus prolonging his career


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