All Hallows | Corpse Bride

Yesterday off to town with Pip for “The Corpse Bride” – as previously noted, I was looking on this as my personal watershed for Mr. Tim Burton, after the crushing disappointment of “Charlie..” – well ,it was great. Lovely animation, lovely story, engaging score. He redeemed himself. And we saw it on Hallowe’en – L came and joined us to see it for a long lunch hour… after the film, we repaired to scarf Italian tuna melts and enjoy coffee (me) and orange juice (Pip) – grabbed the DVD of “Revenge of the Sith” and Goldfrapp’s “Wonderful Electric” – steamed on home then to decorate P for Hallowe’en…

She wanted “Corpse Bride” makeup, so she donned her witchy outfit and I whipped out me makeup set – blue ground, green overlay, black round the eyes – then a “hole” in the side of the face showing teeth – this was straight from the Corpse Bride, but visually looked more like Marilyn Manson’s Burlesque girls in the Video for MobScene … it was very effective, and she was chuffed. We lit the Jack’O’Lantern and awaited visitors – “light it and they will come“. In a lull in proceedings, Pip expressed an interest in venturing outside for a wander, so I turned off me stir-fry and accompanied her round the immediate neighbourhood – she sheepishly asked if she could actually “trick-or-treat” – and very bravely knocked on a few appropriately decorated doors, to nice reception and smiles all round.

Back home, we received some more spooky visitors until makeup removal/bedtime. What a nice half-term we’ve had!

Now me to work on a website for a Landscape Gardening concern …


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