Lavatorial Janitorial

This morning, I heard a little squeak from upstairs : “Dad, the loo won’t flush“. Yeah yeah yeah I thought, strolling upstairs to deliver a manly tap to the button, being efficient father and all that. Would it flush? Nossir.

Completely dismantling the front of the cabinet to reveal the cistern with a 1mm gap all round revealed nothing, I was on the verge (after frantic emailing with L) to “call in” a “man”, when I thought no dammit, I’ll try and do it myself – how hard can it be. Wrench in hand, and manly posture adopted, I undertook the repair – stripping down the entire system to locate a loose fitting within.

Job done, bish bosh!

Now to mop up the remnants of the ice-cold flood which shot across the floor at one point in the above.

In other news, details of my course arrived today, so it’s real.

Polished off “Making History” by Stephen Fry, very good it was too apart from the rather hurried / tacked on “happy” ending. Now embarked on “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire – the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. We avoided the show in New York, having dowloaded a couple of snippets of the music and not been hooked, but I really regret it now it’s all grown on me.


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