Scramble | the Looming of Xmas

Volume 5 of the Skinbat Scramble reissues is now available! It’s a double CD, and is rawther amazing. Lots of my instumental and spoken-word pieces mixed, fleckled and blended and otherwise scrambled into newer studio and old live and pre-rehearsed pieces. Information here : and also here : (click Skinbat Scramble) online shopping coming soon!

In other news: Xmas means (relatively) busy selling vouchers (cash flow y’know) : Pip’s Christmas drama piece (the boy who cried wolf – she made a fetching “lead” – the boy) – little drinks party with neighbours, where one of the invitees was courageous enough to say “I don’t know anyone here” and leave – I’ve had the atrocious runs thanks (I think) to a mangy stir-fry – P’s Christmas carol concert at St. Philip’s, very sweeeet, we all joined in – Mumsie is in her seasonal trauma over dad/the trustfund/everyf*ckingthing – brace yerselves!


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