Finito | Cold

Gregory Maguire : “Wicked” – excellent
Steve Lowe & Alan McArthur : “Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Sh*t” – novelty christmas sh*t, but amusing
Charles Dickens : “The Christmas Books” – wonderful, god bless us every one and all that. Everyone should be forced to read these once a year. Or something.

Thus, I embark on “Studying The Media” and Iain M Banks’ “The Algebraist” over xmouse, as “life goes on” and all that.

Told P last night about Grandad dying – she was very distraught, and a little upset today. She’s gone to work with L today (they have a jolly office day, and early home. I coped with the crowds this morning to get fruit, vegetables and beer – and I’m now going to bed to nurse my upset stomach and rest in preparation for Chichester Theatre tomorrow – for a stage production of “The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe” – poor things, I wonder if they knew that the film would be out now? Or if it was a deliberate choice knowing it was coming? Whatever, we have high hopes.

Gosh, it’s cold – or is that me as well?


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