Violin Discipline | Junk Clearance | Shoes

Turns out my father collected clothes and shoes. In going through his effects, we have found around 200 pairs of shoes, well over half of which are in boxes and unworn … ditto clothes, suits, shirts, even underwear, belts etc still in packaging. The mania of a collector, or the mania of a nutter? The huge debts he ran up are explained, perhaps… So, it falls to me to eBay / shift / dispose of these things. In the matter of the shoes, this is proving easy (many are vintage hand-made Savile Row / Churches stylee, and very desirable) – the problem here is time, it takes a loooong time to put this quantity of STUFF anywhere, plus storage, etc. It is infringing on both my studying and the website I am supposed to be building for Gill.
Anyway, funny business – one of Pip’s friends mothers stopped me the other day having gone to watch the school violin lesson. Pip’s group is just three, all very good kids – hmmm. Apparently she had been “appalled” by the behaviour of all three, her own son included. They were folling around, being “cheeky” to the violin teacher and generally wasting her time. Of course the teacher is peripatetic, and so doesn’t come down hard on the kids, as if they opt out she has no students. So, I had a stern word with P, and it emerged that the trio were aware of the problem, and had even talked about addressing it – it appears that the habit has developed over time – they leave class as “good kids”, go to violin and then return, still “good kids” – no one knows they have been out of class fooling around. They are using it as a safety valve. The parent watched again last Friday and apparently things were VERY MUCH IMPROVED. I spoke to the teach on Sat. last, and apologised. We’ll see.


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