Working For Sociability

A sociable week. Not a profitable one.

Saw DC today and donated some of the eBay shoes to him, he also picked up a copy of the Skinbat Scramble Vol. 5 (the lost book of the psychedelic pirates), he drums on two tracks, from the deep past of the mid-80’s! I also showed him how to download video onto iTunez and gave him a host of Lost websites.

In a moment of sheer extravaganza, L and I got an espresso/cappucchino machine – it’s flipping great!

Booking: finished John Humphrys’ “Lost for Words” – (stick to Today, guv). and Iain M. Banks’ “The Algebraist” – I loved it, though I appreciate that the rather over-dense network of complicated names, nomenclature and mythos is most offputting. I just looooove BIG SPACESHIPS though.

Now embarked on Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Everything Is Illuminated” which comes highly recommended.

Wow! It looks like Neighbours went ahead and wiped out virtually their entire cast in a ‘plane crash! Blimey!


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