Pro Bono | Skateloving

Time has swooooooshhhhhed by in a frenzy of non-profitable work – I am a pro-bono eBayer for my step-mother! Actually, I have recovered some expenses from the sale of various vintage shoes, bicycles and shirts, but, y’know, it’s time-consuming. Otherwise, Pip passed her annual violin assessment (I have a feeling scraped through is a better description in more ways than one) …

Last week L got free tickets for “Holiday On Ice” at the Brighton Centre*, which we attended Saturday last – an audience of coach groups from around the UK were treated to the gayest of displays – Liberace quality costumes and cheesiness (with an often gobsmacking choice of cover-version music) – however, Pip really liked it and, y’know what? So did we! There were two super sections, one with a sort of 1930’s “flapper” theme with the girl chorus wearing cute identical fetish red wigs 🙂 and making an amazing swooooooshhhhh noise as a corps-de-skating skid to a halt as one. The other good section was pirate / gypsy themed, and featured the ensemble dressed in very sexy pirate / gypsy outfits – which was nice 🙂 and caused me to fall in love with every last one of the skating girls.

Oh, and my course formally started last Saturday so, like, get on with some work or something.

Brighton Centre
This is the first time I have attended this venue for oh years – since “proper” bands stopped coming to Brighton – I mean I enjoyed a lot of gigs here in the late 80s; Depeche Mode, Echo and the Bunnymen, even Frank Zappa for godsake, but now it looks tired, old and redundant – the facilities are poor, the seats are wobbly and uncomfortable, the decor is faded and dirty – it’s a lovely big building, but it needs gutting or replacing – as it is it’s just a tired old conference venue and no good for modern audiences watching modern entertainment – it just about works for a big, unconventional show like “HOI”, but one can see why bands don’t get booked there.


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