Peeling Carrots | Part Three of The Death Strand

P is currently rehearsing for a “pop star dance party” at which she will portray Pink, singing “Get The Party Started“. This involves a quick-change act, a pair of fishnet gloves and L’s old bracelet. It’s a fairly strenuous routine, but at least she didn’t draw Charlotte Church as her chum did.

I am currently enjoying “The Basic Eight” by Daniel Handler (who is Lemony Snicket). It’s an American high-school teen murder, much in the vein of Heathers. As it reads like a script, I expect the film will be along shortly. After watching Greenaway’s “The Falls” last night (phew – !) L and I were discussing the idea of a film project involving using totally inappropriate actors for the parts – a little like Potter’s “Blue Remembered Hills“, but really wrong, ie some sexes wrong, eg. Michael Barrymore plays a teenage girl, Macauley Culkin an old woman, etc. Actually it’s probably been done and we were drunk, I think.

Anyway, to matters serious and part 3 of gettingitoffmychest:
OK now we know that the burial is to be on January 3rd 2006, which leaves Christmas clear; clear for all sorts of seasonal capers, high jinks and goodwill to all men. Christmas Eve, we went to Chichester, picking up Mumsie at Rustington then to Sister and Nephew at Bognor … we spent a pleasant time walking around the town in the mild weather amongst a good-natured holiday crowd, and then went to the Cathedral – I don’t think I’ve been since I was around 7 (with The Yanks. It was lovely, especially some wonderful paintings on wood panels. We sauntered back to the Theatre and had a great lunch … Chichester Youth Theatre’s production of “The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe” … super, then home for a gentling. I suddenly remembered my father as I was falling asleep, this resulted in a loooong wait for oblivion, eventually wrapping itself up in a tangled black caul of desertion and betrayal, absconding and divorce, my black thoughts turning into a warm blanket at around 2am zzzz. If I can just get to Christmas Day / Oh, I have. Woken at 7 by P, she very excited by stockings in her room while chemicals conspire to raise the pieces of L and myself into a semblance of our usual charming selves. P is a 7 year old (though soon 8) – she wants to GO AHEAD and open her presents. She gets snapped at – “oh my god not yet” oh well, it’s probably me at least it’s easy to blame me or anyway MY PROBLEMS or MY FAMILY, but it throws a sickly sheet of green gloom over my head. I grit my teeth and wait for us to transform, and miraculously within 5 minutes, we do! I am me, and L is the woman I love and father is forgotten and we have a lovely day.
Later we go to Hove Park for a walk, and Pip and I watch “Alice In Wonderland” (the 60’s live-action version with Fiona Fullerton and Spike Milligan). This was nice. Good night. God help us, every one.

Now, I am going to “study the media” – which is unfortunately not a euphemism for watching daytime TV.

Euphemisms – yesterday morning while the girls were performing their toilette (or possibly performing in the toilet) I decided to peel some carrots ready for the evening meal – when Pip came down for breakfast she said “What have you been doing?” – “Peeling Carrots” I replied. “What does that mean?” she said. On investigation, she thought it was a shorthand for something else.


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