Part Five of The Death Strand | Olympic Opening Ceremony

Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony : P and I watched (after the Pop Star Party, which was a success – now to get the pink hair dye out of her school coat) spectacle for its own sake? Archaos and Cirque du Soleil have a lot to answer for, but not as much as the BBC, whose presenters simply couldn’t understand the theatrical aspects of the thing – fair do’s, they are sports commentators, but really the inane drivel they came up with beggared belief  – one set piece involved dancers laying beneath a layer of “split cloth”, thus allowing them to raise their legs in synchronisation and perform a “sea of legs” effect. “That’s as fine a collection of legs as I’ve seen in many a day” said the old fogey – puh-leeese!

More death dribble:
I have been: headache no non-specific tiredness no felling a bit crook, sand in all the joints now, here comes more snow!
29th December 2006: Minimum fallout zone buffered and buffeted by icy freezy walky alon seafront, supporting P on her rollerbladez, trying to forget the cobweb of stark staring madness, and so onto New Year’s Eve, approchingus with promise, burials and other restraint systems.
Last night watched Polanski’s lovely “The Fearless Vampire Killers” starring lovely Sharon Tate; we all had a good laugh. Later, L and I watched Rob Zombie’s “House of 1000 Corpses“, in which the hapless red-shirt youngsters admired pictures of “Squeaky” Fromme and the other Manson chicks. Some of Zombie’s soundtrack sounded (not unsurprisingly) like Marilyn Manson. When the character Baby Firefly asked one of the hapless youngsters to guess her favourite film star in order to avoid execution, he replied “Marilyn Monroe?” (it was the wrong answer, but in my webbed mood, so right). The next day I watched Rufus T. Firefly courtesy of the Marx Brothers boxed set I got for Christmas. Help!
In spite of this, a less-than blissful 2am rising with a diabolical combination of indigestion and “the horn”.
I was stung by a bee on New Year’s Eve. My New Year’s Resolution? Don’t get stung by a bee in 2006.
And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse – L and P have gone to sleep, it’s 7:15pm and lonely. Lonely, my system is down, a ‘plane crashed behind enemy lines as Paddy McAloon has it.


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