Prague Anticipated to Break Deadlock

I am feeling very stuck – the working from home coupled with recent losses coupled with a relative lack of enthusiasm has led to me often sitting like a hermit, curtains closed, occasionally studying, occasionally reading, occasionally listening to music.
If I didn’t have Pip to look after and L for company, I’d be stark out bats by now, I know it.
I’ve got to find a way to break the habit I am in – and it is a habit, it’s just over a year since I was made redundant, and that year has passed too quickly.

It was my birthday yesterday; I’m feeling hamstrung and old. And sorry for myself.

We’re off to Prague on April 2nd (about which I am really enthusiastic), and I’m really hoping that when we return I can make a fresh wossname.

Watched the much-maligned Brothers Grimm (poor old Gilliam, getting away with it again) and Polanski’s Oliver Twist the other night – both excellent. The new Dresden Dolls CD is fantastic, as is the new Donald Fagen.


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