Here Comes The Postman!

QUIET except we’re getting ready to go to Prague… and I’m starting (very very gently) to get some work in.
Both L and I have been ill for a couple of weeks with a low-grade headachey sicky fluey coughie lurgie (I know I know just like the rest of England). So have been a bit listless lately.
Sickroom Reading : Hotel Babylon (crap, nowhere near as revelatory as it paints itself, or compared to Air Babylon) and “Saturday” by Ian McEwan – absolutely superb. Holiday reading to be sorted out soon, omfg how many bl**dy chargers do you have to take away these days? Grrr.

MAIL ORDER FRENZY: Got all of the Would Be Goods albums – they were hard to track down – I’ve been missing out, and since seeing them last summer have been determined to catch up. Well, now I have and they are flipping good. Also got the TWIN PEAKS season one boxed set, so that’s the next few evenings activities sorted out!
Gin, Bitters and … BOB!


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