Prague Tasm

Prague was fabulous, even if due to Pip-in-towage we didn’t really peek at the much-vaunted “night-life”. We did manage to art-deco and soviet-hangover and medieval ourselves to completion.

-The Castle! Wow it’s big!
-The Mucha Museum – he was a cracking artist, and I only knew his “famous” Bernhardt and Advertising stuff, didn’t know at all about the “Slav Epic” paintings, which look, well, epic – sadly they are now housed in his hometown, not in Prague
– The Jewish Museum (housed in different buildings) – the Old/New Synagogue (possible home of the Golem, as featured in Kavalier and Clay); The Jewish Cemetery (includin Kafka‘s headstone); The Pinkus Synagogue, now a very moving memorial to Prague and area holocaust victims – the walls are covered in names and birthdates in 1cm high hand writing. Sobering.
– The worst meal I (actually we, all 3 of us found it foul) have ever “eaten” in the beautiful tatty fin-de-siecle surroundings of the Europa hotel in Wenceslas Square. Somehow, this must count as a highlight.
– The Charles Bridge early before the tourist packs and hawkers arrive
– Finding thatThe Little Mole of my English TV childhood is still a national animation hero of the Czech Republic – it’s his 50th birthday, apparently. Soft toy and adult t-shirts purchased appropriately.
– The Museum of Communism – thoroughly recommended.
– Most of the buildings! And I do mean most of the buildings!
– Country Life Vegetarian Restaurant – a real gem of a find

– Some sort of soviet payola hangover whereby all window seats in coffee houses are “RESERVED” – with no-one in them. Stern rebukes follow from the waiters if you try to circumvent.
– Very smelly tramp on crowded tram, only alleviated by the slavic beauty in front dousing herself with “Poison”
– Fag smoke everywhere
– Bored-looking gangs of Italian “youth” in gaggles of 20 or so, led by a bored looking leader. They jam up every queue and street after around 11am, and they are plainly not enjoying their cultural trip, and there are THOUSANDS of them – it must be a great time to go to Italy, there are no adolescents left!

A brilliant trip!


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