Rain Stops Play | Horsefarting

What looked like a good day for earning some money today turned out to be an impromptu shower (and I probably need one). After huddling under the “tailgate” of my car, avoiding raindrops for an hour or so, I fnally got cold enough to cancel the day; having sent the students off on their merry way, I tidied up and closed the car, neglecting to jump out of the way of the bucketful of cold water nestling atop the “tailgate”. SPLASH! HA HA!

While we were waiting (and huddled, as previously mentioned), one of the horses sort of backed up to the fence near us, raised its tail and starting making little toot-farts (around 20 little honks in a row, and every one on a different note – it was like free jazz!) – as a finale it made two very long loud foghorns and dropped a tiny turd.
One of the students turned to me and said “he could earn a fortune on the stage”. And you know what, he was right.


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