Dresden Style*

Great evening out courtesy the Dresden Dolls show on Thursday. Excellent support from the junk-banging duo Bang On – a smaller, friendlier and less smug version of “stomp”. Very entertaining. A fat stripper – why a fat stripper? Why not get a hot stripper? – then the very excellent Devotchka. I had been much looking forward to seeing them after stumbling across them on the net a while back – accordion, violin, theremin, tuba(!), a handsome singer, cover version of “Venus In Furs“, excellent gypsy style bits – blimey they were great. Amanda Palmer (DD singer) came on to great applause and sang beautifully on one of their songs.
The Dresden Dolls exceeded expectation. Unbelievably powerful – Brian Viglione is possibly the best – and certainly the most up-front and charismatic – drummer I have ever seen live, up there with Chad Wackerman and Bill Bruford. Palmer’s “kurtweill” piano palying was also astounding, and her voice delicious. Curiously, the set was rather tilted toward the first album – not even playing the current single “Sing” – but they did a some well-chosen covers, Black Sabbath‘s “War Pigs“, T. Rex‘s “Cosmic Dancer” and (the English version of) Brel‘s “Amsterdam“, which was a swooning highpoint for me. Their own songs were, of course, all superb.
Not often do I get a week like this – Tiger Lillies and Dresden Dolls in the space of four days. Two bands I would seriously level an accusation of GENIUS at.
Am quite tired  now.

*deliberate Swell Maps ref, pop fans.


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