Scarlet’s Well Birthday Fan

Fun Weekend, begun with a Friday night jaunt to the beach for a bracing dip in the Monch. A breezy time.

Saturday was Lovely’s Birthday and I was off work, so (after Pip and I had sneaked downstairs to tape “A Town Called Panic“) we began  with presents in bed for L. Pip was so sweet giving them out. The morning wasmainly spent lazing and gentling, then in the afternoon over to Mumsie at Rustington to leave P for a “long weekend” with Granny (she’s back Monday). Coffee and whatnot then home for a quick kip before venturing into town to see Scarlet’s Well at The Hope – I had drunk downstairs here but not even been aware of a small venue upstairs, it was quite nice but suffered from the heat (as did the audience and performers).

A sort of extended blues/jazz workout support band veered from tedious to quite good, then a very sweet singing woman who I think I probably could have quite liked but never really gave a chance to. L and I were happy and fortunate to chat a little with Bid and Martin from SWell. Ridiculous to be star-struck at my age, but hero-worship of 27 years is a hard thing to overcome (yes, it’s true, I just checked, I purchased He’s Frank in 1979). With a few wanderings and disappearances notwithstanding, Bid has been a large part of my music-fan life for that long. So, anyway, it’s really strange to meet and talk one of my few true heroes – I know L feels the same, having attended all those MSet gigs back then. The gig  itself was great, L even got a song dedicated for her birthday (Mister Mystery’s Mother!) which made her day. The band sounded tighter than before even with one hand down – the sound was pretty good. The only real downer was that so few people showed up (I tried to get D&K, Eagu and Nic but no joy). It was a fantastic gig, the band really deserve to get heard properly. After the gig, we were again lucky enough to chat a little with martylog and Bid and scatter thanks at the rest of the band.

A refreshing walk along (it was drizzling now) to some bar on Western Road for a brief appearance at L’s workmate’s party. A very swanky affair with a guestlist and all, we felt compelled to leave though when we realised that people were smoking cigars (ew), and that an eighties medley had started on the old noise pollution unit. A taxi home and we talked till the wee hours like little teenagers.

With no Pip to attend to, apart from “A Town Called Panic” taping, we did nothing but gentle and sleep on Sunday.


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