Camping Frenzy

Getting things ready for a jaunt to West Wittering, camping. Fun getting ready, and we’re all looking forward to it – it’s a bit of a come-down though, as last year we had just returned from New York. Money dictates. Coming to terms with returning in a week’s time to seven days worth of unanswered eMails and attendant spam is harsh though.

D&K are coming round tonight for dinner – they missed L’s birthday while they were away, so this is a bit of a belated birthday tea of sorts. We saw the excellent “Romance and Cigarettes“, Winslet gold as usual, it will need a few viewings, I think it was great. Pip is practicing away right now on her lovely daisy rock guitar. She is a rock chick in training. Her guitar plays better than mine. Come to that, her guitar playing is better than mine.


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