Norfolk – Land of Contrasts!

Just returned from Norfolk, having endured the journey from Hell back – three big accidents, including one multiple pile-up burnout with a 1.5 hour total standstill on the A11. Poor people.

Mixed bag of weather, including a spectacular lightning storm over the sea at twilight; bats and rabbits, frisbee, and an adieu to Lady B’s seaside hutch – plans are well in hand to demolish, rebuild and pass ownership onto another branch of the family tree. We’ve had our fun out of it over the years, and I would guess other stakeholders have too; for me, the charms of Sea Palling are limited now, and it also seems to be overrun when the weather’s good – lots of chip-eating and amusement machining now that the cafe has re-opened. There was a nice vege restaurant (Pulse) though, in the renovated Baptist Chapel.

Norwich castle keep was nice, and we went to the great little Bridewell Museum housed in the old prison, lots of old clothes and shoes, a jaccquard loom, Printing exhibition and Norwich F.C’s 1950’s mascot (the suit worn by a person to parade around) – Dumpling. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, and the Canary wasn’t bad either – from their website – “But for a real oddity check out the display of mascots through the ages. There is the Norfolk dumpling mascot, a scary creature that held sway in the 1940’s and 50’s with a large head resembling the local delicacy. It’s a stark contrast to the debonair figure of the 1930’s Canary – complete with cigar, top hat and tails.” It would appear that the team’s mascot is now a mobile ‘phone, so how crap is that?

We are now proud owners of an X-Box 360, which is bloody great. L and P both show a startling ability to beat the living daylights out of me on the very beautiful Dead Or Alive 4, which I am reliably informed is about as state-of-the-art as it gets.


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