Last Week or So – Then Silence!

I have an hilarious case of laryngitis, my voice is almost completely gone in a squeaky comedy fashion. It came on yesterday as we trudged round a pouring-with-rain Brighton showing my sister and nephew the sites – well, the museum, a lot of closed shops and churchill square, at least. We had a nice lunch at Casa Don Carlos (alarmingly, L knows the owner and was greeted as a regular). Swanky. My advice, avoid the deep fried aubergine, it is an insult to a wonderful vegetable. Everything else was lovely though.

Half term now, so am on a gentle slightly ill childcare roster today.

On Wednesday we venture to London’s glittering theatreland to see “Wicked” and can scarce wait, all 3 of us swqeeeeeeing with musical theatre stylee excitement. We’re staying up in town to visit somewhere as yet to be determined on Thursday, and then training back to Borders to (hopefully) see the Puppinis who are doing a signing there.

Last week was very hectic with Pip taking part in “Viva Recorder”, part of the Early Music Festival in Brighton. Lots of skules from the area accompanying “Fontanella” a recorder group. It was quite good, bar that some of the segments went on too long and it was (with the exception of 2 short pieces played by the group themselves) nothing to do with early music. It was enjoyable nonetheless apart from the annoying PARENTS WHO SEEM UNABLE TO TELL THEIR BLOODY UNRULY KIDS TO KEEP QUIET AND STOP RUNNING AROUND AND SPOILING IT FOR EVERYONE.

It looks like my car has finally died, looking for a new one for around Christmas time.

Oh, and the OU exam was last week too. I don’t know how I did, I wrote solidly for three hours, I expect it was twoddle. Wait till December, I think. Oo-er.


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