Wicked London Trip

A lovely couple of days spent in London, now we’re recouperating at home. L has managed to wangle an extra afternoon off, P is watching “Scooby Doo” and all is right-ish.

So, Wednesday we hopped on the train for a relatively pain-free train ride to London, found our cheapy but good hotel near Victoria, “left” our bags and walked down to Tate Britain, had a good look round the lovely Victorian galleries and the “mod” art. P was most impressed with Chris Ofili’s monkeys, and especially pleased with the idea of “Elephant Dung“. L availed herself of Holbein, P and I wandered.
Back up to the Apollo Victoria to see “WICKED“. It exceeded expectations – absolutely stunning. Idina Menzel is just fabulous – she looks beautiful and what a voice, managing to belt it without grating and sing quiet and tender when required. The sets and lighting were inventive, complicated and great. Nigel Planer was very good as the wizard, though I couldn’t help visualising Joel Gray in his place. Miriam Margolies was superb as Morrible, speaking her lines rather than singing which added to her sinister quality I think. The costumes were wonderful – with a great selection of amazing footwear for the shoe fetishists among us.

Back to hotel, clean up and dissection then out in the pouring rain for a meal, which was nice watching the world go by in a window seat.

Tourist-y ness continued on Thursday. I wanted to go see the Fischli and Weiss at the Tate Modern, and in deciding how to get there (and bearing in mind P already had a blister from yesterday) we decided to take the tate to tate boat, as the day was sunny and nice. Realising it stopped at the London Eye, we noted smallish queues and decided to go for it as we were here. It was great, we had super visibility and enjoyed it thoroughly. Back onto the boat to the Tate Modern, which was packed wth kids (half-term and a carnival atmosphere thanks to the slides, which while impressively high failed to tempt us) – straight up to the somewhat quieter exhibition of F&W – lovely, witty, funny and good-natured art. Their film “How Things Go” was all it was supposed to be, keeping the audience amazed and laughing. Loved the little clay models, and loved the people walking past the “unfinished room”. The genius of it is that if you stop and look, you feel self-conscious that folks might think that you’re the twit. Genius.

Hopped back on the boat, walked back to Victoria and home to Brighton. Unfortunately the Puppini’s signing at Borders had been postponed till somewhat later and we were too cream crackered to wait and bailed out and came home.


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