Big Balls and White Stuff

Excuse Heading.

Last week we trundled off to the Theatre Royal to see “Slava’s Snow Show”, which was very great. Po-faced clowning, silly clowning, excellent spare set and lovely lighting, plus lots of bubbles and absolutely acres of fake snow – unfortunately we were in the circle and didn’t get the full benefit, but it was still pretty impressive. The coda to the show was the introduction into the auditorium of extremely large but very lightweight inflated balls of various colours, which bounced around giving the show an arbitrary open ending. The cast mooched around the stage and wandered around the place (as they had done in the interval) playing around whimsically with the audience. Slava came and sat on the edge of the stage just watching people either being entranced, laughing or leaving. The strangest and most prolonged ending I’ve ever seen in a theatre (except possibly “The Power of Theatrical Madness” at the RAH, but that’s another story.


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