London and The Well

Another jaunt to London on Wednesday to see the lovely Scarlet’s Well in concert, at the 100 Club. The train from Brighton was delayed due to the weather. Apparently, trains can only go at around 15mph when it’s raining a bit, so we arrived at Victoria later than planned, found our hotel, changed and got the good old No 73 to Oxford Street. We were full of nostalgia for the days of regularly getting the 73 out of town to home. Nipped down Wardour Street (another memory lane as it were) and nabbed a quick bite at a great (and remarkably cheap) Italian place, then skipperdee’d back to the venue. After a sharp reminder of why I never drink draught lager, we settled down and watched Spearmint, who were quite good, though rather spoiled things with a sub-Pulp rant seemingly directed at “the movies” which didn’t seem to fit well with the rest of the quite good stuff. They were also a little on the loud side.

I’d never been to the 100 Club, even back in my London gig-going days, it was nice to remain a rebel though, by snapping pictures of Scarlet’s Well in spite of (the venue’s) notices stating no photography. We met up with several folks from the Scarlet’s Well forum, which was pleasant, and enjoyed the gig immensely –  as usual the combination of lovely songs and great musicianship hidden in a wrapper of goodwill was super. There were sound problems, apparently, but they didn’t really notice from the audience. The sound wasn’t great but not awful either.

Photographic evidence of the gig here now removed

Afterwards we had to skidaddle quickly (busy day Thursday) and got the bus back to Victoria. Folks were still waiting outside the theatre for Idina Menzel’s autograph. Pip got herself a lovely autographed photo and a little note through the post by the simple strategy of writing a nice letter to say how much she enjoyed the performance.

We decided to have a “nightcap” but London closes at 11.

We departed on separate trains on Thursday morning, but both very easy as contra the commuter flow. Or the commuter, Flo.


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