Chips in a Hoodie

Went to Hove Park today and enjoyed a little (very cold) scoot around with Pip. Ate outside in the little cafe – a great scrambled egg on toast. As it’s Pip’s last day of school holidays we were really making the most of it with fun and hilarity. At one point in our munching, we just looked at each other and got hysterics. A nearby BtnMum gave us a snooty look which made us crack up even more, as at the time one of her ugly boys was ramming chips into the hoodie of his oblivious mate.

As I am apparently embarking on a Film Studies course in 4 weeks time, I’ve been desperately reviewing my film-watching antics over the past year. In the spirit of new year and putting 2006 to sleep, I can only think of two really good films – Jarhead and Romance & Cigarettes- that came out last year. Can this really be the case? Or is my memory screwed (in which case embarking on more study is probably a bit dumb).

I then had a go at the same exercise for music and was marginally more successful – outstandng records I know about from 2006 – Black Tulip Wings | Scarlet’s Well, One More Drifter in the Snow | Aimee Mann, Show Your Bones | Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Rabbit Fur Coat | Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, Hello Young Lovers | Sparks, White Bread Black Beer | Scritti Politti, The Life Pursuit | Belle and Sebastian, Morph The Cat | Donald Fagen, Educated Horses | Rob Zombie, I’m Not Dead | Pink, Yes Virginia | The Dresden Dolls, Surprise | Paul Simon, Loose | Nelly Furtado, Back to Black | Amy Winehouse.


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