Useless Calendar

Tate Modern Calendar – beautiful prints of past exhibitions, the turbine hall, on lovely super very glossy paper.

Decent amount of space to fill in your hectic schedule.

Even holes to hang it in the kitchen with.

Very glossy paper: A Biro just about writes on it if you push hard enough and dent the nice picture on the back. A sharpie is OK. Any other pen either doesn’t dry then smudges (normal felt pen or gel pen) or won’t write (kids felt pen, everything else I tried). Pencil simply skitters off the gloss surface and barely makes a mark.

Sod trying to be arty, I wish I’d got the Girls Aloud one that took my eye in Churchill Square.

Bloody Logic Pro has packed up now – it has all the appearance of working, but no sound comes out. I have tried the volume.


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