Fencing | US Preparatory

No posting for some time – busy at home with fence-mending and fence-painting, following their demolition from the storms. More expensive and time-consuming than is necessary. Mind you, I’ve got zero work at the moment, so it filled the days. I’ll kind of miss it when they are done…

My first OU assignment came back – with 95% and glowing remarks from the tutor. Christ, I must have pushed the right buttons – at last a lifetime of wasting leisure hours in the cinema and in front of the goggle box pays off! HA HA!

Preparations are underway for US visit – L is getting the cash together as I type. Only a couple of weeks before we fly to Vegas and WIN BIG at a casino. We have set aside around 70 dollars for gambling, the profits will go to buy me a new suit for my birthday, before we fly to New York for L’s shoe shopping to really stripmine the family assets.

We’re all busy making a lengthening list of what we want to do when we’re there… good news is that the lists largely co-incide so far. The only thing certain is a Grand Canyon visit. ‘Cos its booked.


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