Embarrassed Doesn’t Come Close

As follows:

Suffer from some serious jetlag, go and sit in the sun, in the garden with a coffee.

A fox jumps over your garden fence, ponces around on the lawn, then jumps back over into the neighbours garden (this is unusual – it’s the middle of the day)

You hear the fox make its way to the front of the house up the side of the garage, so rush to the front door for a peek. There is no sign of the fox but you can hear noises that appear to come from the neighbour’s back garden.

You rush back to the back garden and carefully (so as not to disturb the jittery animal) poke your head over the neighbor’s fence.

The neighbour’s 20? year old daughter is in the garden in a bikini. Looking straight at you.

“Oh sorry L—“, you say, “I thought you were a fox”.


America was very very great btw, more later.

Oh and in other news, L travelled up to Kent in rather a scurry last night – Lady B has fallen again.


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