Nick Cave’s Trousers (redux)

Have spent the last week or so tidying and avoiding proper work, in order to clear the decks to start “practicing” for a performance at the Forum soon (July 8th). Crikey!

Also half-term has enforced childcare duties, which has been a pleasure, looking after Pip. Today we are going rollerblading, and then to the little paddling-pool on the seafront. A few years ago, I took Pip there for a paddle and the pool was being shared with Nick Cave’s kids (I’m pretty sure I diarised this at the time). Mr. Cave popped in the pool for a paddle himself, with his trousers rolled up.
I wish I’d had a camera. Needless to say, today I am fully tooled up, just in case I spot, say, Tom Waits with a hanky on his head.

The flatscreen is fully installed and working now, and the Virgin V+ service seems good, with nifty timeshifting and recording like everyone else has had for years. The hi-def is super, but a dearth of programmes as yet, meaning we watch Torchwood again just to confirm that Gwen’s knockers the sets look great in a slightly higher resolution than hitherto.


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