Strictly Insomnia

The insomnia is back, and I’m numb with it; still, I actually got some work done last night!

Last week Pip attended her first ballroom dancing competition (!). It’s a sub-culture; highly enjoyable for that. P was happy to get to the semi-finals of her “cha cha cha” event. At several points through the day, L and I looked at each other with a who would believe it/how did i get here look.

Black Book – very good, quite thrilling.
Last Orders – fabulous, depressing, recommended.
The Weight of Numbers – a great book
1066 and All That – reread for the umpteenth; very funny
Star of the Sea – a wonderful surprise – excellent.
Boo hoo no lost. ER treading water but good. Doctor Who more or less pretty good, with some reservations. The latest version is the nearest we’ll ever get to seeing Jerry Cornelius on teh box, I suppose.


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