Studying Glastonbury

Been doing a lot of German/Italian film study in order to get an essay in on time. I have 2 conclusions from this palaver, as follows.
i. Fassbinder – hmm.
ii. Fellini – cor.
iii Herzog – wow.
Does that count as 6 words?

Glastonbury on TV; verily there is no mud and smell.
And no-one waved an irritatingly twee flag or object on a stick in front of me, or trod on my toes while jiffling around, or shouted along with something I wanted to listen to. Or wore a stupid f*cking hat.

I tivo’ed the whole BBC coverage, which enabled me to
a/ give a look and listen to bands I’d not heard of.
b/ enjoy any that I liked
c/ fast forward the ones I didn’t like
The BBC evidently failed to supply The Arcade Fire on any of their HD broadcasts – notwithstanding that, we fast-forwarded through BLOODY HOURS of identikit wire/xtc/blah blah soundalikes.
Only two things were any cop at all and/or stood out from the grubby indie dross. Mika and The Go! Team.
I am soooo glad that festivals interest me not a jot.


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