Back On Stage

Last night I took to the stage to play music after an offstage hiatus of some 20 years; blimey. Of course, in the intervening years I have intermittantly made music, but as a solitary occupation at home.

This new opportunity was offered by the open-door policy of The Old Dolphin Brigade, courtesy Carl Gent, ex of Mumm-Ra, who has convened a coven of disparate musicians to interpret his delicate sitar-based songs into whirls of psychedelic improvisation.

As the concert was being put on by the leader of the Skinbat Scramble and Tunbridge Wells Forum luminary Mark, I decided to put aside the school reminiscences and “join in“.

After a swift rehearsal in the afternoon, we approached the forum from the side, and with only a cursory soundcheck I found myself cajoled on stage to join Nifty Eagu and the Glo-Pilots, performing as an honorary Glo-Pilot. I didn’t expect that. My little Korg and I didn’t feel particularly foolish or out of place. This was a great surprise and it was only as it was happening that I realised that I was on stage with Mark and Nicci (the same lineup as the last time I appeared on stage). From where I was standing we sounded pretty great. The small audience applauded.

As The Old Dolphin Brigade were on “next” I left my Korg in place and re-mounted the stage with around 15? others to make whooshing gong-stylee sounds and pretend I was in early Shriekback. It was a little too loud, and people were reluctant to leave space in a noise one-upmanship race; having said that it demonstrated some magnificence and was pretty good fun; I felt very happy to be part of it.

L and P attended, and were quietly impressed, I think.

My personal rock and roll lifestyle requires early beds for 8 year olds and not falling asleep on the drive back to Brighton, so we left half way through Heat From A Dead Star (who were great) and missed The Flavonoids, which is a shame as I was looking forward to seeing them.


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