Jazz Pants

Oh, it’s been a while… hmm. What have I been doing apart from going online and watching my bank balance dwindle as I have no work at the mo’. Thank goodness for L.
Yesterday went to a “dance shop” in Brighton to get Pip some “jazz shoes” for her course which starts in September. Ended up buying a pair of very shiny “jazz pants” also.
I decided against trying a pair for myself 🙂
Also found myself returning home with a copy of “Sonic the Hedgehog” for the 360 (it was cheap and used, which is how I often feel). What lunatic thought up the storyline for that!? I mean a little hedgehog running around fast is pretty funny, but the rest of the “universe?”. Weirdo!
My big (final) essay is coming along, about half done.
The other night I had to “present” it to the group and tutor in a pub. We arrived at around 4, and repaired to a deserted room and took turns … by the time it got to me, the place was rammed and I found myself having to justify my hifalutin’ and cock-a-mamie theories on Lost, Doctor Who and Torchwood. Christ I felt like a twit.
“I intend to show how the male fictive character, as symbolised by Captain Jack and Ben from the Others is… blah blah blah”. Everyone must have thought what a pretentious wally.
OK – what now? – oh, vacuuming.


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