Lack of functions, please reboot

Last night drove up to the Forum to play with the lovely Old Dolphin Brigade. After a couple of songs, I found myself unable to continue contributing; I truly felt as if I was a “spare wheel” and was contibuting nothing, so decided that the sensible course would be to became an audient for a while, and enjoy listening, which I did. It is the exact and wonderful nature of the ODB that it will shift in composition, and I suppose this composition left no space for me (this is how I see things now; oil and water don’t mix; oil and vinegar do) or something.

P joined up last night and enjoyed playing a little drum (sincere thanks to Suzie), which was nice.

I would have liked to do a little more music last night, but I suppose I “wasn’t called”; my chemical composition was not in this case compatible with anything.

On the journey home I wondered if it was all worth it. And not just the music. Perhaps my time is over and I am the anachronism. I need to think about this.

I nearly wrapped the car round a Mercedes at Crowborough crossroads, driven by a woman who seemed to think that lane-swapping in order to undertake was ok, even if I was coming behind her on the inside lane. I missed the side of her flashy merc by inches; I suppose that would have been my fault. After this, I stopped the car and cried.

This morning, I am rested (I slept) and somewhat relaxed. I look forward to the next concert/event.


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