Spotty Muldoon Showoff

I got 100% in my final OU essay on Film and Television history. This is great, and I am dead chuffed, but it’s freaked me out a bit. I mean, it can’t have been that good, can it? In a way I don’t like it – folks ask me how I got on and I say oh i got 100% la-di-da. They either think I’m making it up or bragging. As I am sure do you, so I’ll stop now.

On Friday, an intense itch started up in my leg (r), and within half an hour had spread to, well, most of my body. When I eventually realised something was untoward and jumped up ripping my clothes off and saying to L “have I got a rash?” she screamed in terror, I can only assume at the livid red marks all over me.

It has been gradually receding (fading and a bit less itchy) through the weekend, but it’s still a bit ug.

At the moment we’re putting it down the the sauce we used on pasta on Friday evening, which was also a bit ug and contained “shellfish”. I’ve never had anything like this before though.


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