Sighs of Relief

Exam over, yesterday, for this year. Not sure how it went. I attended and wrote for just shy of 3 hours, drivel as I recall, about Welles, Fassbinder and TV Sci-Fi. I was slightly put off my stroke before I started, as the exam hall hired belonged to the “Alpha Course” idiots. While doing last minute coffee-supping and calming, my ears were assaulted by a happy clappy bunch of twats wittering on about an invisible army or something.

If I fail the exam, I shall most certainly claim that the negative vibes of fascist religion put me right off, infringing my own right to sit quietly without hearing either muzak or twerps singing, as per the tenets of my own personal newly formed minority religion.

Now, I must resist the temptation to “take some time off” as I need to drive on with the next year’s work.


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