Busy Weekend

Friday: wedding anniversary and evening out to see the wonderful Tiger Lillies at the Komedia. A lovely meal and a good-humoured evening of songs of death, disease, degradation and murder. Lovely! They were on fine form, Martin Jaques’ voice more heart-wrenchingly beautiful then ever. The lighting was also exceptional. Before the show I breifly met Adrian Huge the drummer, who later demolished his miniature kit with kid’s toy hammers at the climax of the show (!). I stumped up for the two newest TL’s CDs which I got signed after the show. Nice.

Saturday: a quick meeting with Mark and Nicky re the viability of pushing forward the Skinbat Scramble reunion was positive. Mark, Piers and I off to the rehearsaal rooms to see if it worked “live”. It did, and we thrashed out the rhythm bed of an as-yet unnamed new 10 minute piece.

Sunday: To the rehearsal room again where we we continued our work and were joined by Carl on sitar. The new piece was declared presentable, so…

The Forum where we played the piece; lack of audience meant that it extended itself like an anarchic wall of spiders into around 20 minutes… The audience was approximately four persons (only two of whom looked human) and the constantly-bemused sound engineer. This may have been a blessing in disguise as we were supporting the support of a Lynyrd Skynyrd type bar blues ensemble. In their field they are possibly the business, but our feeling was that we were a mis-match for their audience, who were piling into the venue as we slunk away into the night for a beer.


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