Scramble Progress | Halloween etc

Lots of things happening on the music front:

Skinbat Scramble now have a Facebook page, just search for Skinbat Scramble. Come and join! There’s pictures and stuff.

More rehearsals, with some recording by Fabian and myself, including recording of what has now become “Peppermint Schnapps” and a resurrected from 1977/78 (!!!!) “Cinema Usherettes” plus some Piers drumming which may find its way onto existing sketch tracks.
On leaving the rehearsal room, I met Brad, for the first time in oh i guess 25 years or something. He was recognisably Brad, in spite of eating fancy French food for years. Unfortunate time constraints meant that our reunion lasted a mere heartbeat, but it was long enough for Brad to reveal that he still has a book he borrowed from me yearsssss ago.

Mark came here for more recording, and we more or less completed a version of “Cinema Usherettes” which was very satisfactory.

We will be performing again at the Forum on 11th November, a short support set at 7.30 or so.

In between all this, half-term was over; P and I had a nice time, apart from the profound disappointment of “The Bridge to Terabithia”. Halloween, P had a couple of her little friends round. We went out dressed as witches and ogres, panhandling for candy and I got fake blood all down my nice jacket.


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