On The Gig Front

Played last night at the Forum, Tunbridge Wells.

The Skinbat Scramble now properly reconvened now; in spite of no soundcheck and some minor re-tuning problems, it went very well for our first “proper” gig in the new configuration.

We presented four songs – Peppermint Schnapps, Starfield, Cinema Usherettes and an as-yet-unnamed piece.

Feedback was quite encouraging.

Line Up, me, Mark, Nicky, Piers and Carl.

We were supporting Heat From A Dead Star (who were great), Vorderman (also featuring Carl) who I didn’t hear a note of as I left early for the tedious drive back and they also didn’t get a soundcheck and Rachel’s Got A Flamethrower who were fantastically good at what they do but TOO LOUD at soundcheck anyway.

In housekeeping news, P has a weird sort of dislocated finger thing; doctors tomorrow if it’s not fixed itself – it doesn’t seem to be hurting her.

Ach! I need coffeeeeeee.


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