Juggling Facebook etc

Too much time spent juggling facebook, myspace and livejournal lately; I’m not sure how to rationalise, but something will have to give. They all have their plus points. The band would seem to need myspace, though I don’t like it at all – my journal such as it is has always been on livejournal – facebook just looks lovelier. If facebook had a proper blogging facility it would win, I guess. Ho hum.

Rehearsal Sunday, we definitely have a christmas/new year gig on 30th Dec. I suppose we need to rehearse for it!
I’ve just purchased a microkorg, which has a vocoder. Won’t you take me to Funky Town?

The decorators have gone, having given me a gloss-paint headache (like an ice-cream headache only not as tasty). It looks nice. Now to clear out the office (a million books) and paint that. Before the carpet blokes come.

Reading: Poetry of the 30s (a course book). Yawn!


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