Violin | Nightmare | Dancing | Gogol Bordello

Packed post, busy few days.

Friday was P’s Grade 2 violin exam. A bit nerve-racking but I think she was fine. It was held in a ginormous swanky house that was so swanky that it had 2 – 2(!) grand pianos in it. Before the ordeal, I tried to relax the young ‘un with a visit to Pizza Express, who have wisely re-instated their “Piccolo” £5.50 menu. We await the results. Of the exam, obviously, not the meal.

Saturday to Crowborough for Skinbat rehearsal; the vocoder has found a place in a couple of songs, and by feeding the bass through it we are now going wildly psychedelic on UFOUK. It was a good rehearsal.

Sunday afternoon: Pip’s stagecoach production of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” went very well; Oogie Boogie’s vocals were put through a voicebox with hilarious effect. No-one fouled up and it was most impressive. Pip was beaming afterwards…

then, we raced into Brighton to the Pavilion theatre where Pip was dancing with the Hove dance troupe. Poor thing was cream crackered; she pulled it off though, they did a pretty complex and frenetic routine to “Dream Girls” – none of them put a foot wrong. Proud dad I was.

Last night to Gogol Bordello. This time sedately in the balcony at the Dome rather then “moshing” at the Concorde. Stunning show, but I’m a bit worried about Hutz – he’s a bit thin and must tire himself out, poor love. What a great band.

All 3 of us are tired now, as L’s mother problems continue with the hospital stay being extended due to low blood pressure and hallucinations (?)


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