Peachy | Cold Rehearsal

Saturday to Chichester for our annual family outing to the Chichester Youth Theatre xmas play. This year, James and the Giant Peach. We went for our little shopping trawl round Chichester and as usual it was uncrowded and good-natured (at least compared to braving the hordes in Brighton). To our meal at the theatre to find thatthe lovely selection on offer for the past few years has been whittled down to one – rather overcooked and lacklustre – choice. Meh. One of our annual traditions (a lovely big meal) stopped by “new management practices”. Humbug.

The play was good, though the narrative of J&TGP is a bit stop/start, the stagecraft of the show was as always imaginative and impressive; a cold car park gift exchange and home we went.

Sunday morning a bit of a lay-in then gentling. Afternoon to Crowborough to the coldest rehearsal room in the world. We cut short the rehearsal as our brains, fingers and toes were freezing and we were all getting a bit frazzzled. Nonetheless at least one of the songs sounded good with a new set of lyrics and singing by Nicky.

We’ll be fine for the 30th.

Brrrrrrrrrrr. When I got to the car this morning the little thermometer thing said minus 5.


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