Life Is Not Just A Rehearsal

Yesterday to a productive but strange rehearsal at Crowborough.

L went up to the hozzer yesterday morning to find her mother on a morphine drip: the attending doctors proposed that it was, effectively, over. L very sad, her mother obviously was asleep and oblivious, which is, I suppose, how it should be.

This cast a pall over the rest of the day, but Pip going back to Nathan Potter’s dance troupe and then drama cheered HER up; then off to Crowborough for MY cheering up. We left L to go to the gym and cheer herself up as best she could.

Rehearsing: Piers was tired, so our usual drum-machine was only semi-available. What he managed was of high quality though. Nicky has got rather a neat modulation gizmo for her vocals, which worked well “in context”.

Another song presented itself during the shenanigans: “George IX”. It could be rawther good. We worked on “UFOUK”, “Stop Trying So Hard”, “Integration” and “Starfields”, which were of live-presentable quality. Another heft at “Radiator/Heaven” was less successful, but it could be good eventually. “Peppermint Schnapps” can probably take care of itself.

Rehearsals are strange – it’s easy to think that nothing really gets done, but actually a lot gets done, much of it very good indeed – next time we have a rehearsal not on a gig day, I’ll try to take the mac to make a field recording.

Today, Monday, off to town and cinema with Pip, Sis and Nephew… L is at work awaiting news…


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