Clear Up The Mess

Woken by the ‘phone at 5am this morning – it’s the call we’ve been waiting for, L’s mum has died in hospital, she flew away this morning. So, now, the deluge begins – tidying, house-clearing, probate?, gawd knows. In a way, it’s a relief for L who has been suffering terribly with worry and stress; not to mention endless ‘phone calls from concerned “little old ladies” and traveling to and from Kent (we’ll save some money on petrol, too).
Little other to report, as most of our recent activities have, one way or another, been overshadowed by this.
Oh! I did manage to take Pip to see “Enchanted” which was glorious… great animation sections, funny without crudeness, romantic and well acted. With smashing songs.
Skinbats will be playing on 20th Jan at the Forum; come and have a look at us and poke fun!


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